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23 May 2008 @ 03:20 pm
Lionsaults are awesome!  

Name: Farah
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Location: Malaysia
Would you like to be rated as a male, female, or either?: Female. 

Random Stuff!

Favorite wrestler(s), and why: I am a huge fan of the attitude era wrestlers myself. But my all-time favorite is Chris Jericho: Simple. When you combine skills and looks together, he has got to be the winner. My favorite diva is Candice: She's stunning and I respect her for trying to learn, unlike the majority in the ring today.
Least Favorite, and why: Err, probably Batista: He is okay but I just don't like him much. Mark Henry and Khali: They are too big and make me physically ill to see them in the ring.
Favorite Style of wrestling, and why: Stylish, technical mixed with high flying moves and less-intense-spot style of wrestling. Just like Y2J. :)
Favorite company and/or brand?: RAW


Describe your personality as vividly as possible: I'm quiet, especially in school. I'll talk if I have something to say, otherwise I just listen. It used to bother me so much growing up, but not so much anymore. It's my personality, and my personality makes up who I am. I've gotten bashed for it all the time. People call me mute or shy. I think the reason why so many people have a problem with quiet people is simply because they don't know what you're thinking, and they don't know what's going on inside of that head of yours. And it bothers them. It's quite humorous to me, actually. But of course, I'm a bit louder and crazy around friends and family.
Strong Points: Kindness, independent, positive attitude, gettting loyalty and commitment from people.
Weak Points: Kindness, emotional, sense of individuality.
What are some of the most important qualities a person should have?: Humour: Just because what would we be without it? Life can't be all serious, all the time, you'd go crazy. Loyalty: It's important to know that someone is always there for you.
Introverted or Extroverted?: Depends on the situation. I do both.
Dominant or Submissive?: I am more dominant than submissive.
Logical or Intuitive?: At times I am logical and rational and at times I am intuitive and emotional. I can be both at times, this is just stereotypes.
Describe your sense of humor: Spontaneous!

Likes: English football, wrestling, foods, chocolates, reading, writing, shopping, awesome bands, female vocalists, pretty graphics, beautiful people, family, friends, LJ, myspace, facebook and wikipedia.
Dislikes/Pet Peeves: Flash Pop-ups, people who don't flush the toilet, alarm clocks, roaches, having no money when you finally see an item you've been looking to buy for a long time and doing something simply because everyone else does it.
Hobbies: Online!


If someone hurt you, how would you react?: Revenge!
Which wrestling technique would you most like to have: Mat-Master, High-Flyer, Powerhouse, or other (explain!)?: Some speedy high risk high flying moves of lucha libre and mix with technical wrestling.
If you found a great amount of money in the middle of nowhere; no witnesses in sight, what would you do?: Spend and keep half of it.
Would you risk your life to save someone you loved?: Right now I don't know if I love anyone but my family. Sure, I would do the best to save anyone no matter who or what they are. It's called humanity. :)
Quick! You're World Champion! How do you celebrate?: Hug the fans and throw a massive backstage party.
Some jerk just took your title and your wo/man! What promo do you use to blast them out of the sky?: Give them a thrashing and then stay in the ring and run my mouth about anything. Haha.
What do you want out of life?: I want a challenge everyday and to feel I have achieved everything I set out to do and most of all I want to smile and laugh everyday of my life.
FUCK U KANYE. IT'S LIKE U STEPPED 0N A KITTEN.: Cherry!ravensgurl211 on May 24th, 2008 10:22 pm (UTC)
Cherry or Lita

Cherry because you say that you are quiet, shy, mute-like. You also say that you have good loyalty skills.

Lita because you say that you are quiet, unless you have something you need to say. You say you have a sense of individuality and you're more dominant than submissive.
Zoezoewwelover on May 25th, 2008 08:03 am (UTC)
Beautiful Disasterxfirespritex on June 8th, 2008 05:55 am (UTC)
I'd have to agree with the two who posted before for the same reasons. Cherry or Lita but I'm leaning more towards Cherry because you're quiet and shy.