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12 August 2008 @ 06:46 pm
Chokeslam From Hell!  

Name: Ket
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Location: Michigan, USA
Would you like to be rated as a male, female, or either?: Either or both.

Random Stuff!

Favorite wrestler(s), and why:
Kane is my number one favorite. I love his character (and yes, I do like him better unmasked). He is also a great wrestler. I'm also a big fan of Big Show--I think he is under rated, and not being used to his full talent. William Regal is also a favorite--he is a good worker, has great mike skills, is an awesome heel, and I love his voice.
Least Favorite, and why: Randy Orton. I think he's overrated, and neither care for his matches nor his character.
Favorite Style of wrestling, and why: Highflying and technical, especially with martial arts mixed in. The why is because I think they are the most impressive to watch.
Favorite company and/or brand?: Smackdown.


Describe your personality as vividly as possible:
I'm well-mannered and patient, but I am in no way a pushover. I don't take shit from anyone, and I refuse to let anyone intimidate me. If I don't know you well, I tend to be polite, but a little reserved. If we are friends, I'm very warm and loving, as well as very open and honest (to the point of too much information at times). I have a very vivid imagination that honestly scares me sometimes.
Strong Points: Kindness, intelligence, generosity, toughness.
Weak Points: Being too hard on people (including myself), getting offended easily, bouts of laziness.
What are some of the most important qualities a person should have?: Intelligence, strength (of will, not necessarily physically), sense of humor, honesty.
Introverted or Extroverted?: Sort of in between.
Dominant or Submissive?: More submissive than dominant.
Logical or Intuitive?: Honestly, a bit of both. I can be logical if the situation demands it, but I tend to go more with my intuition.
</b>Describe your sense of humor: Dry, sarcastic, and dark.

Likes: Writing, music, wrestling (obviously), reading, conversation with friends, rain, water, late nights, talking with friends, reading, noodles, leather.
Dislikes/Pet Peeves: Rude people, bigotry, arrogance, reality shows, birds, spicy food, liars.
Hobbies: Internet stuff, video games, writing, reading, singing, tabletop RPGs.


If someone hurt you, how would you react?:
Fight back.
Which wrestling technique would you most like to have: Mat-Master, High-Flyer, Powerhouse, or other (explain!)?: Mix of high flying (as I'm small) and techical (I know a mix of various martial arts, but only a little bit of each one).
If you found a great amount of money in the middle of nowhere; no witnesses in sight, what would you do?: I'd look around for someone who might have dropped it. If I couldn't find such a person, I'd probably keep it.
Would you risk your life to save someone you loved?: Absolutely. I woul do anything for you if I lvoed you.
Quick! You're World Champion! How do you celebrate?: Greet and thank my fans, then have a part with friend and family.
Some jerk just took your title and your wo/man! What promo do you use to blast them out of the sky?: I would simply tell the jerk to enjoy what he has for the moment he has it, because the one he stole will leave him as well, and that the title will be mine, as it should be.
What do you want out of life?: Quite simply, I want to be happy and satisfied.