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Welcome to wrestling_stamp!

Your moderator is ha1cyon. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Membership is moderated in this community. You do not have to meet any requirements to join; I just want to know who is joining.
01. Join to post. You must be 13 years or older to join.
02. Fill out the form. Please place the application behind a Livejournal cut.
03. Please answer honestly. Don't act like a certain character to be voted as them. We are smart people, we can tell when you're putting up an act.
04. Please be vivid with your application. Give more than three word answers to your questions.
05. Make sure you use the proper subject header in your application. For the basic application, you'll need to put a move of some sort (ie: "Con-chair-to"); for the look-alike application, you'll need to put a hair style (ie: "Melina's hair is iffy at best"), each application is different, so keep your head up. You can be creative in what you use, just make sure you have one. This lets me know that you read the rules.
06. You will get stamped after one week. Votes will only be counted after one week, a final tally will be made, and the applicant will be stamped based on the results. Patience is a must! This is a one-woman show, and I make a unique stamp for all applicants. It can take a minute.
07. You may apply only once for each stamp.
08. Try not to bash wrestlers, I don't encourage it. However, if you must, at least do it in good fun. Some characters are just hard to like.
09. Bashing or insulting of members will not be tolerated. You will get one warning, and any misbehavior after that will get you banned. You may also excuse yourself from the community after the first offense, no one will blame you.
10. If you see any behavior that is in any way offensive to you, please notify me on my journal or by e-mail (xlafillemortex@yahoo.com), and I'll assess the situation. This includes bashing someone's application or bashing someone's vote. You cannot comment anonymously on my journal, so if you e-mail me, I'll keep your complaint confidential.
11. Do not hotlink off of my photobucket account. It's very easy to get your own account.
01. You do not have to be stamped to vote, but you need to have applied (or planning to apply).
02. Vote! You do not need to vote on every single application, but every once in awhile is nice.
03. Please bold your votes (ie: Your Vote). If you need help with html, this link can give you some pointers. If you have a reason for voting the way you did, please, share it! Some applications may require explanations.
04. Try not to be persuaded by the votes of others! Go with what you think or feel. If you're still stumped and agree with everyone else, though, there's no harm in voting the same.
05. Please keep your vote to a maximum of two characters.
06. You may change your vote if you truly feel you need to. To do this, delete your original vote, and make note in your new vote as to why you changed your mind. Please, try to keep this to a minimum, so things are kept uncomplicated. Do not change your vote more than once per application.
07. Know which application you are voting for! Newer applications will have their titles at the top. Remember that even though the basic application has a place to put pictures, that the stamp is not based on looks. That's what the Look-Alike application is all about.
08. You may vote wrestlers or other wrestling personalities from whichever wrestling promotions you are familiar with. Try not to be too obscure, for my sake :)
Basic Wrestling Stamp

2007 Spring: Look-Alike Stamp
2007 Summer: The Feud Stamp
To keep membership active, there will be a new stamp each month, for as long as there are stamp ideas. I'm always open to suggestions!

You may apply to any stamp at any point in time. The only requirement so far, is that you first apply to the basic stamp. Once you have been stamped as a wrestler, you can apply to all other applications. This is because other stamp applications may require your first stamp's results.
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